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White Oak Family Dentistry

Campaigns: Local SEO, PPC, Social Media

White Oak Family Dentistry is Garner’s newest and most successful dental practice operating inside of Garner, NC.  We’ve been fortunate to have operating and managing their SEO and internet marketing campaigns since they opened their doors.  From day 1 their marketing campaign was anything but ordinary.  The market was competitive, hot, and growing daily. Discover how we beat their competition and transformed their one-day old business into a fully-booked, highly-rated dental practice with internet marketing strategies!

Oct 2018 - April 2019 Ranking Progress Snapshot
Q4 2017 (Launch Date) vs Q4 2018
All-time breakdown
First 6 Month Period vs Second 6 Month Period


To establish a brand new brick-and-mortar dental practice’s presence within the community, and to create streams of dependable, targeted traffic in a growing and highly competitive area.


Knowing that a brand new practice doesn’t have the budget or local reputation of an established practice to compete locally, our goal was to take full advantage of the full suite of internet marketing disciplines to make each marketing dollar more effective.  The most critical and ultimately the most cost effective marketing campaign being local search engine optimization, we want to make sure White Oak Family Dentistry shows up on Google and other search engines for any dental related phrase that could possibly be searched by someone in their area, and use this as a jumping-off-point for developing a “regular” base of clientele.


The results were immediate, and have gotten considerably more effective the longer the brand has been on our search marketing programs.  Focusing on organic local search engine optimization, pay per click, and social media advertising, we’ve turned White Oak Family Dentistry into a dominant force online.

33+ Top 1-3 Google Local Rankings
35+ Top 1-3 Google Organic Rankings
60+ 1st Page 1-10 Google Local & Organic Rankings
#1 & #4 for "Veneers Garner"
#1 & #4 For "Dental Bridges Garner"
#1 & #7 Organics & Local for "Teeth Whitening Garner"

#1-2 Organic & Local Rankings,, + Knowledge Panel Domination For "Root Canal Garner"